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Producer's Discount

Purchase 100 or more discs with any single order and you’ll earn a five per cent (5%) PRODUCER’S DISCOUNT right off the top of our wholesale DUPLICATION PRICES. Producer’s Discount does not include and does not apply toward the cost of shipping, printing or packaging.

Churches, Religious and Non Profit Charitable Donation

If you are a government certified 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization, Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, Parish, charity or foundation, upon receipt of your federal certification document DVDs4Less will make a charitable donation back to you equivalent to ten percent (10%) of your total wholesale DUPLICATION paid order cost excluding packaging, packaging printing and shipping. It's just like earning an additional 10% discount off our already-low Wholesale Prices!

Combine Your Orders & Save

Any duplication run of seven (7) or more discs may be combined with another duplication run of at least seven (7) or more of the same disc format to earn a lower duplication rate - provided that:

1. Each duplication job is provided by, received from and paid for by the same client.

2. Each job is of the same format such as DVD-R or CD-R.

3. No mixed formats such as DVD-R and CD-R together.

4. No single duplication job shall require fewer than seven (7) total copies.

5. All orders combined must be no fewer than 25 total discs.

Hypothetically, to qualify a single customer could have four different programs to duplicate. That customer would need to make at least seven copies of each program and all copies would be no fewer t han 25 total discs of the same format such as DVD-R. If the same customer had ten unique programs but only needed 4 total copies of each program, the combination rate would not be given because the customer would be ordering fewer than 7 copies per program.

PLEASE NOTE: Discounts, promotions, donations & special offers may not be combined with any other discounts, promotions, donations & special offers to earn lower rates, discounts or price advantages not offered by any single discount, promotion, donation & special offer. discounts, promotions, donations & special offers do not apply to packaging, package printing, shipping or to any other discounts, promotions, donations & special offers unless specified as a condition, in writing of the discount, promotion, donation & special offer.